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Tips for Fresher’s Week and living in student accommodation

With Fresher’s Week on the horizon there isn’t much time left to prepare for university. If you’re feeling apprehensive about what to take with you and how you’re going to survive the first few days and weeks living in student accommodation, you may find these tips helpful:

1. Follow your university and student union on social media – they will post useful information and Fresher’s events to keep you in the loop.

2. Explore the area; it’s important that you get to know the place you’ll be calling home for the next 3 or 4 years. Having a good knowledge of the best bars and places to eat will also help you make friends.

3. Find a part time job. The extra cash will be helpful and it’s something for you to do outside your studies. If you can make this related to your field of study and gain some valuable experience along the way, even better.

4. Set a budget. For many students university is the first time they have control over their own finances. Do your research on how much money you think you’ll spend each week and try and stick to a realistic budget.

5. Make sure you socialise. When you move into your house speak to everyone, there’s no need to be shy or worried because everyone is in the same boat. Just be yourself and you’ll make friends easily.

6. Try not to go home for the first few weeks of university, it will help you bond with people – there’s always Skype or Facetime if you’re missing family and friends at home.

7. Don’t take the whole contents of your room – you don’t need that much stuff at university just take essentials and some homely items like cushions, throws and pictures to make your room feel more comfortable.

8. Ask your housemates if they want to cook together. It often turns out to be the cheaper option and it will bring you all closer.

9. Always do your washing up! Nothing annoys housemates more than people who don’t pull their weight. At the same time don’t offer to do other people’s all the time otherwise you’ll end up being resident dishwasher.

10. And finally, if you turn up with a bottle of wine and a packet of biscuits everyone will want to be friends with you!

Hopefully these tips will make the move to university a little easier. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and try to get the most out of the experience. University doesn’t last forever!

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