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Mistoria Estate Agents ‘Guide to your First Student House’

As the final countdown is now set in motion until A-Level results day, a back to school feel is in the air.

Once you know which university you will be attending this autumn you have to start thinking about all the formalities that go with it. On the top of your list? Finding a suitable accommodation for the school year.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities that come with being a student. Mistoria Estate Agents can lift a weight off your shoulders by helping you through the process of finding your first student house.

Our handy ‘Guide to your First Student House’ can help save you time and money on the daunting process of finding student accommodation that is right for you.

Covering the main dos and don’ts, this free student property guide covers the key points you need to think about when renting your first student house.

You will find advice and information covering what you should be looking for according to your needs and preferences, landlord obligations, budgeting and keeping your bills down. Handy move in and move out check-lists and a glossary of terms you might come across along the way are also included.

Download our ‘Guide to your First Student House’

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All Inclusive Student Housing

With water, gas and electric bills increasing year on year, we prefer to offer “All Inclusive” bills in our student housing.

You may be more accustomed to hearing the phrase ‘all inclusive’ when it comes holidays.  The price you pay will include your flight, hotel, food, drink and activities.  Our all inclusive student housing work along the same principles, but instead of two weeks by the beach your monthly rental payment will include your accommodation, utility bills, broadband, rental of white goods such as your washing machine and dishwasher, fixtures and fittings and some electrical goods like a plasma TV.

The all inclusive rent option is ideal for a student housing.  It’s a straight forward and less complicated way of paying.  For most of our student tenants this is their first time away from home and the hassle and responsibility of paying and keeping up with bills can be somewhat overwhelming.  It also prevents any unnecessary falling out with fellow house mates when it comes to dividing the bills.

At Mistoria Estate Agents we believe our all inclusive rents are transparent and give you the peace of mind that there will be no hidden costs.

All inclusive rents are also appealing to landlords as they have the reassurance that there will be no outstanding bills at the end of a tenancy. It also helps retain good tenants, many are unlikely to move to a different property where they have to organise their own bill payments and keep track of how much they owe each month.

David Cox, senior policy officer at the National Landlords Association says,

“All-inclusive rents can be very appealing to tenants, so landlords who offer these can have the edge over those who don’t. Students prefer all-inclusive rents as these reduce the number of things to worry about when they move in to their first rental property.”

Please take a look at our property selection available to rent and if you would like more information, please call 0161 707 6106.

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Student accommodation is on the map!

The period after the winter break is a notoriously busy time for students.  The hours of study and revision and the tension and nerves generated by impending exams are increased by the pressure to find the best student accommodation for the next academic year.  But when it comes to finding a good house, sooner is always better.

Luckily, we’re here to take some of that stress away.

As an evolving letting agency, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our service and the property search experience for our customers.  It’s widely acknowledged that images are processed much quicker words, and so we have added a map search facility to our website.  We hope the new visual feature will make finding your ideal Mistoria property a much easier and more efficient process.

Launched just in time for the busy post-Christmas rush, the tool should enable our student searchers to make fast decisions about which houses they want to view.  By plotting our properties on a map, the user is able to search an area and get accurate location information at the touch of a button, helping them to choose the most suitable student house according to their requirements.

So far we have added two maps; one shows our available student properties in Liverpool, the other, student accommodation in Salford and the surrounding areas.

Both maps can be found under the About Us drop down menu in the main navigation bar of our website.  We hope you find this new tool helpful but if you need more help to find a convenient room or house to rent in the Salford or the Liverpool area, contact one of our agents on 0800 500 3015 or via our website.  We’ll be happy to help you.

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Merry Christmas from Mistoria Estate Agents!

The term is coming to a close. It’s time to finish off half-written coursework, pack up your dirty laundry and travel home for the Christmas holidays – at last!

To those currently living in a Mistoria student house, we hope you’ve had a pleasant first term and are enjoying your stay in our property.  Make sure everything is locked up while you’re away, and be sure to check out our tips for keeping your student house safe over the Christmas holiday.  We look forward to seeing you again after your much deserved break!

We’d also like to extend a big thank you to those who have recently put down a deposit for a student house with us for the next academic year – have a happy new year and we’ll see you in 2014.  If you’re still looking for next year’s digs, why not check out our available properties and give us a call on 0800 500 3015 – we’d love to have you with us next Christmas!

On behalf of everyone at Mistoria Estate Agents, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – eat, drink and be merry! See you next year.

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Freshers’ week

Freshers’ Week is fast approaching for our student tenants. It can be an equally exciting and nerve-wracking week – no one wants to start the year off on the wrong foot. So here are Mistoria’s top 6 Freshers’ Week tips…

1) Avoid Freshers’ Flu! A week of socialising with new people, taking buses everywhere and plenty of late nights can take its toll, and many students find that by the end of the week they feel awful. Which isn’t what you want for your first full week of lectures! We recommend stocking up on antibacterial gel and multi-vitamins. And maybe have at least one early night!

2) Stay safe. New and unfamiliar cities can be daunting at night, so it’s important to make sure you’re covered. Exchange numbers with your new flatmates before going out so you’re never left alone and Google local taxi companies – if the night’s a disaster, you can always go home!

3) Take advantage of the Freshers’ Fair. They aren’t just for societies – they’re also full of free stuff, discount cards, offers on food and drink, and flyers for all the social events you could ever want to attend that week – who wants to pay for entry? Stalls at Freshers’ Fairs have been known to give out everything from tins of baked beans to beach balls – some even have freshly baked pizza to sample! 

4) Budget. That student loan may look like a lot now, but it has to go a long way so try not to blow it all in one week. Try and stick to a budget, but allow yourself to splurge a little this week. If you want to save on food, suggest a group dinner once a week – this will not only give you more money to spend elsewhere but will bring the group closer together.

5) Start to think about next year. It seems a bit premature now, but a lot of students start hunting for next years accommodation around Christmas time. If you don’t get on with your flatmates, remember just because you’ve been put together with certain people this year, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them. Sign up for some societies and try and meet up with people from your course – they could be potential flatmates for the year ahead.

6) Download our free student guide! There’s plenty of tips for finding next years digs, check lists to help you move in and out, and some pointers to help you to keep your costs down throughout the year! 

To download our PDF click here, or to view our range of student properties, visit our website. Feel free to contact us with any queries on 0800 500 3015 or using our contact form.

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Mistoria Estate Agents ‘Guide to your First Student House’

So, you’ve got your results and you’re definitely off to uni in September.  Exciting times ahead but have you got your accommodation sorted yet?

With A-Level results now out, many of you will be confirming university places and looking for suitable student halls and houses.

If you find yourself going through the clearing process and suddenly going to a different university in a different city to the one you’ve planned, you might well be panicking about where you’re going to be living.  Enter Mistoria Estate Agents.

Our handy ‘Guide to your First Student House’ can help save you time and money on the daunting process of finding student accommodation that is right for you.

Covering the main dos and don’ts, this free student property guide covers the key points you need to think about when renting your first student home.

Download our ‘Guide to your First Student House’