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We at Mistoria are committed to ensuring there is very little to no over usage when it comes to the end of your tenancy, therefore we request for monthly meter readings to keep up to date with each properties usage and liaise with tenants should there be any concerns to keep you all in the loop.

We ask if tenants can take these for us so there is less disruption to your tenancy.

The gas meter is usually located near the front door in a bottom cupboard or in the front ground floor bedroom.

The electric meter is usually in a high cupboard near the front door or in a cupboard in the ground floor bedroom.

In some cases the meters are located in the cellar, we do not expect tenants to enter the cellar if they do not wish to, therefore if this is the case please let us know so we can ensure we send someone round to take these readings for you.

Meter readings must be submitted by the 25th of each month.

We will send a reminder out just before this time but please submit them by this date as they then have to be submitted to the utility supplier.

Please find steps below on how to submit your readings:

• Select your property from the drop down menu.
• Enter your code:
• Enter your full name
• Enter in your gas meter reading
(Please ignore the red numbers)
• Enter in your electric reading
(Please ignore any numbers after the dot )

Should meter readings not be received by the 25th of each month then we will need to send someone out to read them on your behalf, If we have to do so there will be a fee of 20 which will be invoiced to you all as tenants.

(The only exception to this are those properties where meters are located in cellars and there is no one in the property comfortable entering a cellar)