Parents FAQs

Investing with Mistoria

If you are interested in investing in student property, we can help with our specialist knowledge and experience. You can find out about our investment opportunities here.

Property Safety

We pride ourselves on the high standards of safety and comfort of all of our properties. All are local authority and gas and electric certified and we have all the relevant licences. You can rest easy knowing that all our properties have been inspected and meet the stringent requirements set out by the government. 

What you need to know

At Mistoria Estate Agents, we offer fantastic houses with modern conveniences in prime locations maintained to a high standard. Pricing is clear and simple with all bills included. 

Our team is always on hand to help with local expertise. If you have a specific question or want to chat about one of our properties, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 707 6106.

Acting as Guarantor

We ask for a guarantor for each of our student tenants to confirm they have the means to pay their rent. Generally the guarantor is a parent or guardian and we will ask you to complete a short submission giving us your details and a proof of ID.