Rental FAQs

Who can be my guarantor?

Your guarantor can be anybody who is working and earning anything over £12,500. They will be credit checked.


How do I request my deposit back from the DPS at the end of my tenancy?

Your deposit is held by the DPS (deposit protection scheme).

At the start of your tenancy with Mistoria you should have received an email from the DPS with your log in details.

Use your given log in details to log on. You will then need to click repayment ID then request deposit.

After you have done this, we will receive a email to let us know you have requested your deposit back. We will then respond within a few days.

If there are any charges these will be visible on your account page on the DPS website. If you have any questions about the charges you can call our office and discuss this.



Where do I find bank details to pay my rent/admin fees and deposit?

You will find this on the initial email from Mistoria.

If you can’t find the email please do call the Mistoria office and we will happy to assist you.


How do I get a reference from Mistoria?

There is a charge of £25pp for a reference. You can call our office to request one from our team.

How do I book a viewing?

There’s two ways to book a viewing:

  • Via the website. We list every house available on the website. You can book by clicking on a house and selecting ‘Make Enquiry’.
  • By phoning us on 0161 707 6106.

How do I apply?

It’s easy to apply. Simply complete the online application. You’ll receive an email with more information once you’ve submitted the form.

My rent isn’t right on my contract?

If your rent doesn’t work out on the contract, it’s probably because you’re working the monthly rent out based on a four week month. To work out the rent, multiply the weekly rent by 52 weeks and then divide that figure by 12 months.

If you think we’ve made a mistake, let us know and we’ll amend the contract.

What documents do I need to give you?

For all student tenancies we need you to provide:

Proof of ID (eg passport, driver’s licence)

We also legally require proof that you have the right to reside in the UK either on a permanent or limited period basis. You can find out more on the government’s website.

Proof of ID
Proof of residence
Proof of salary/benefits

Is my deposit protected?

Under the Housing Act 2004, all deposits paid for Assured Shorthold Tenancies must be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme.

We are members of the Deposit Protection Scheme. You can visit the DPS website here.

As part of your application, you will be given information about the use of the deposit.

What do you charge?

Mistoria Estate Agents charge all tenants an administration fee on application. The cost is dependent on property location and is payable at the booking of the property.

Tenants will not be charged any further fees unless there is a breach of the terms of the lease agreement.

The fee is non-refundable. The only occasion when Mistoria Estate Agents will refund this fee is if for any reason Mistoria Estate Agents are unable to move tenants into the property.

What if I go on holiday during my tenancy?

If the property will be completely unoccupied for more than 14 days at any one time, you must let Mistoria Estate Agents know in writing. This may affect the landlord’s house insurance and we may need to take additional steps to protect the property. During winter months (Nov-Mar), your heating should be left on low to avoid burst pipes. You can email our property management team at the address shown at the end of this document.

What happens when I move out?

You will receive move out information before the date you are due to leave the property. You must move out on the agreed date (usually the last day of the lease) and provide us with a forwarding address. We will contact you at this address should we require more information regarding the return of your deposit. It is not possible to end a tenancy before the end of a lease because it is a legally binding contract. Each property will be charged a move out fee of £45.

What should I do about repairs?

If there is a repair required to the property, it is important that you inform us by raising a ticket on our Maintenance Ticket System that can be accessed through our website. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement to inform us of maintenance and failure may mean that you are held partially responsible should the delay result in added deterioration or damage.

Once you have informed Mistoria Estate Agents of any repairs, faults or problems we will contact your landlord and act upon their instructions. Please note that while we have a 24 hour call out service, only emergency repairs will be carried out within a 24 hour period.

Tenants are themselves responsible for carrying out some small repairs and maintenance to the property such as changing light bulbs and fuses.