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Fire safety tips for student accommodation

student accommodation Salford

We have a lot of student accommodation in Salford and the surrounding areas.

The fire at the paper recycling plant in the city this week (Monday 3rd March 2014) has affected many Salford residents, whether it be road closures, train delays or the thick black smoke that engulfed the area for most of Monday.  We know the incident at the paper plant is uncommon but it got us thinking about fire risks and how we can help prevent them.

Here are some fire safety tips for our tenants….

student accommodation Salford


Smoke detectors – There are smoke detectors fitted in all our properties for your safety.  It is your responsibility to check these on a weekly basis and change the batteries when required. Try to pick a regular day and time each week so you remember to do it. The #TestItTuesday hashtag used across social media is a handy reminder. If the property is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), tenants must also keep a record of these checks and a log sheet is attached to the pin board next to the alarm.  If you notice anything irregular with any of the smoke detectors in your student property you should inform us immediately.


Electric heaters and blankets – These are a no-no in our properties thank you. And not because we’re mean but it’s for your own safety. Safety standards on these items have dramatically improved, but user error still results in accidents and fires involving them. Falling asleep or going out with the either of these devices still plugged in can easily result in overheating, potentially leading to a fire.

student accommodation Salford


Electrical fixtures and appliances – All the electrical equipment supplied by Mistoria, i.e. the fridge freezer, washing machine, TV etc are subject to annual PAT testing.  This is to ensure appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to users.  It is your responsibility to ensure any electrical equipment you bring into our student properties – phone chargers, laptops and hair dryers etc – are in safe working order.


Shavers – Be sensible. Only connect shavers to the designated shaver sockets found in some of our properties. Check the wattage of your shaver and be careful to plug it into the correct socket to avoid a blow out. If you connect an appliance that isn’t compatable with the socket you could be at risk of a nasty electric shock and blowing out the electrics in the whole house. Not a smart move if you want to stay on-side with your housemates.

student accommodation Salford


Plug sockets, extension leads and adaptors – Please do not over load plug sockets. We know you have a lot of electrical equipment and much of it needs regular charging but please try to alternate them and charge them one at a time. If you have 10 things plugged into extension leads and adaptors, and each of your housemates does the same, that’s a lot of electrical current running around the property and potentially overheating the system. Remember to unplug chargers and switch off sockets at the wall when they aren’t in use.


Chip pans and candles – Again, a no-no.  These are strictly forbidden in Mistoria student properties. It’s so easy to walk away from and forget about a burning candle. Naked flames are unpredictable and can easily catch other nearby items and suddenly there’s a fire that can quickly get out of control. Similarly, a forgotton or misused chip pan spells trouble. We’ve all seen the adverts and warnings from fire services – it’s just not worth the risk. Want chips? Stick to the oven variety or visit your nearest take away.

student accommodation Salford


Fire doors/Auto door closers – Most of the internal doors in our properties, particularly the more recently refurbished properties, are fitted with fire doors or auto door closers. These devices help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. We ask that you don’t wedge these doors open. We know it’s convenient to have internal doors left open but in the event of a fire they will dramatically slow down the speed at which it spreads and potentially save lives.


We hope this advice will help keep you safe in your Mistoria student accommodation.  For further fire safety tips please visit: