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Condensation in your student house: why it is a problem and how to avoid it

We all get condensation in our homes from time to time and it usually isn’t a problem.  However, if you are experiencing lots of condensation in your student house (water droplets on the inside of your windows and on cold external walls) we need to know about it!

condensation     Condensation in your student house

If untreated, over time high levels of condensation cause mould and damp.  Damp is bad news for the internal health of the property.

We need to work together to avoid damp and mould settling in your student house.  Key to doing this is reducing the amount of condensation you produce.  Our handy Condensation document has some simple tips and tricks that we are asking all our tenants to follow.  Have a look through and share the information with your housemates.

We’ll circulate the document in an email and also provide you with a physical copy to pin up in your communal areas so there’s no excuse for not knowing your responsibilities when it comes to preventing condensation.

Treating mould and damp can be an expensive business – we don’t want to incur the costs and we’re sure you don’t either.

Download our Condensation document now for all the do’s and don’t in your student house!