My wife and I have recently retired and have been looking for a small commercial unit to purchase in Manchester for a number of months. I enquired today about a property your commercial business is marketing, 105 Houghton Green. I was contacted immediately by a young man named Ryan Barber.

When I spoke with Ryan, he informed me of the current situation with the property. As it is no longer available it would have been easy for him to end the call right there. However, he spent 10 minutes chatting to me about my requirements and talking me though the different aspects of commercial property that frankly I hadn't taken into consideration.

My wife and I have found this whole experience more difficult than we had hoped, as we aren't from the area. Ryan was very kind and offered to attend viewings with us in the future, he also advised us on the areas we should be looking to purchase.

I am sure our budget is pretty small in the commercial world you work and as a result, we have found most agents to be dismissive and rude. I found Ryan to be very helpful but never condescending.

I won't take up anymore of your time, but having worked in the public sector my whole life, I have found people are very quick to make complaints but seldom point out great service.

Rest assured when we do find the property we are looking for, we will be looking to employee the services of Ryan and your company on a permanent management basis.

David W