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Mistoria Estate Agent’s Bolton office is your most valuable ally in HMO property management and investment for Bolton and the surrounding area. Our unique approach to business is informed by a wealth of combined experience, an ethical viewpoint of property investment, and a genuine desire to help landlords with their investments.

Why Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton for HMO Property Managment?

HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) are more complex to manage than standard single let properties. Instead of managing a single household, you’re faced with the need to manage multiple tenants and multiple agreements, who each have their own circumstances and needs.

HMOs often represent a fantastic opportunity for many investors, but a lack of experience, knowledge, or support in property management can quickly degrade the quality of HMO lettings for landlords.

Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton understand the essential components of a successful HMO investment and can provide the exact right guidance.

Here are just some of the ways we approach HMO lettings with an innovative perspective:

We’re not just a ‘traditional’ estate agents

Our team comprises over 200 years of combined experience within the property industry. Our goal is not to simply fill an office with agents to answer phones and emails. Our people are experts, diverse in their experiences and specialised in their knowledge.

We have an in-depth knowledge of Bolton, its demographics, its history, and – most importantly – its future. Our work in property sales is geared at facilitating the meeting of buyers to our clients and helping those looking to invest in HMO property to move quicker. Our extensive professional network is what allows us to do so much for our clients, and it can do the same for you.

Professional room lets are second nature to us, and nothing proves that better than the speed and thoroughness with which we conduct business with our landlords.

We understand HMOs

Our portfolio of HMO properties past and present contains hundreds of rooms. Only a small fraction of these are let to students, giving us a richer, deeper understanding of tenants living in HMOs beyond the usual student properties that are common in many towns and cities.

Our understanding of HMO property management is a strength we can pass on to you, helping you to obtain your HMO property licence and ensure that your status as a landlord is fully compliant. Unlicensed HMOs can come with costly fines, and properties that don’t satisfy government guidelines for safety, cleanliness, and maintenance aren’t likely to get far.

Our team is well-versed in HMO guidance and we can take the stress out of ensuring your property abides by the rules.

We’re affordable

Our low agency fees bring down the financial barriers for landlords and would-be investors, and we offer an upfront advisory service completely free of charge. We want to get your relationship with us off on the right foot, and though property investment always demands a certain amount of upfront capital, we want to ensure that – much like with property rentals – upfront fees aren’t the biggest roadblock to getting started.

We also offer free property valuations to help set expectations and give you some important guidance on where your property might sit in terms of finances, making conversation clearer and more harmonious between us and our clients.

We’re accredited and award winning

We hold Propertymark accreditation to NAEA, ARLA, and NAEA Commercial standards, and have memberships with a wealth of property-related bodies including the Residential Landlords Association, the National Landlords Association, and the Deposit Protection Service.

Our inclusion to many of these bodies shows our commitment to upholding service standards and good ethical practices, and the honesty and integrity we use to guide our business relationships in HMO property management.

Besides that, we have a glowing track record of award-winning work that speaks for itself. Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton has been the Gold Winner for estate agents in Bolton (South) across 2020, 2021, and 2022. We also received the 2021-2022 Gold Winner for our lettings division in Bolton (South) and were 2021 Regional Silver Winner for estate agents in the North West (Manchester).

With our work consistently being recognised as some of the best in its field, and with our close ties to other bodies and companies in the wider property market, it’s no wonder we receive and deal with so many investor enquiries from individuals looking for a landlord management service in Bolton and across North West England.

What help do I need in managing an HMO?

There’s a lot to consider if your investment is to be as successful in generating a return as you’re likely hoping for.

First, there’s the necessary compliance and licensing needed to own a property that functions as an HMO. This means the property needs to be suitable in size, well-maintained to a reasonable standard, and fitted with the necessary smoke alarms and safety-tested appliances.

It should be noted that an HMO license only applies to a single property at a time. Investors with multiple HMOs will need to seek multiple licenses, or else face multiple penalties. With fines under the Housing Act 2004 able to reach as high as £30,000, that’s not a risk that landlords can take.

The importance of marketing your property also cannot be overstated since this is the primary way for you to attract tenants or prospective buyers. Tenants need to be comprehensively referenced, inventories need to be made and checked, agreements need to be drawn – simply put, it’s a lot of work.

Let Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton shoulder the weight for you and make your HMO investment as financially secure as it should be.

Invest with Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton

Whether you’re looking into HMO student properties or a landlord management service in Bolton, we can provide all the guidance, support, and expertise needed to get you on the first rung of the ladder or get a ready-to-go HMO on the market. Find out why so many landlords have trusted us with their hard-earned investments.

Contact Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton today to find out more.


More exposure to prospective tenants
With a dedicated marketing team, we ensure we reach your target market through a range of varied media vehicles.

Accompanied viewings
We will take prospective tenants to your property.

Extensive reference checks
We will ensure we find the “right” tenants for your property including credit searches, employment history, previous address, identification and guarantors.

Comprehensive property protection
All properties go through our inventory service to include video/photographic evidence, protecting both landlord and tenant. All properties are subject to thorough, quarterly property inspections.

Peace of mind
Our team ensure property compliance including gas and electrical safety certificates, EPC’s, buildings insurance and 24/7 maintenance.

True management
Management how it should be. We ensure reduced voids, maximised returns and exceed your expectations. Once monthly statements, produced by CIMA staff provide a complete in-depth overview of your property performance.

Core business knowledge & expertise
Our team includes Chartered Management Accountants ensuring the cash flow of your investment is efficient. Proven Marketing, Advertising and PR expertise with degrees in this field.

National Landlords Association & other trade body approval
We are members of the National Landlords Association (NLA) and are regulated by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA).

Mistoria Estate Agents are one of the leading Estate Agencies in the North West with offices in Salford, Cheadle, Walkden, Liverpool and Bolton. Our expertise covers buying, selling and letting residential and commercial property. We also have an extensive property lettings portfolio.

We are confident we can help you manage your property management Bolton and look forward to hearing from you. Please call 01204 800 766 for further details.


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