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Planning Ahead Choosing Your Student Housing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”appear”]Planning Ahead Choosing Your Student Housing

One of the ironies in regards to upcoming 2016/2017 academic enrolment is that it will literally arrive before you know it. Securing student property for next academic year can be challenging; particularly if this necessity is delayed until the last minute. However, concerns such as price, location and security always need to be addressed. Students who wish to encounter high-class and convenient housing options should therefore begin well before the Christmas season arrives. Mistoria Estate Agency is extremely pleased to provide help and advice in regards to sought-after areas such as Salford, Liverpool and Preston. Why are these locations so beneficial and what are some of the services that students can expect to enjoy when choosing our professionals over commonplace Salford or Liverpool Estate Agents? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these two important questions.


Respectable Locations and Travel Times

One of the benefits associated with these three towns is that they are considered to be some of the most agreeable for students throughout the entire United Kingdom. Not only are they much safer in relation to other locations, but the selection of student housing to be chosen is indeed impressive. From single flats to multi-story homes, nearly every requirement can easily be met. However, the rental costs are still quite amenable and there is a wide price range available. This can help to address even the most stringent of budgets while leaving you with enough money for daily living expenses. These qualities are some of the very same merits that countless Salford Estate Agents will observe. Students will likewise be concerned with the travel time to and from their university. This is particularly the case if the weather is poor or if mass transit is required. Whether referring to Liverpool, Salford or Preston, all housing is located within close proximity to major centres of education. Likewise, there are normally numerous mass transit options within a short walking distance from a property. This can help to save a great deal of time and to enhance the overall living experience that students can expect to enjoy. Our Mistoria Estate Agents will always keep your travel needs in mind when making the most relevant recommendations.


Planning Ahead

When securing student property for next academic year, preparation is the key to success. Still, not all housing agents are created equally. As opposed to choosing a rather generic Salford or Liverpool estate agents, the adept student will always select to work with the professionals at Mistoria. In fact, we are the leaders throughout Salford and Liverpool when helping students find the most appropriate accommodation for their needs. Are you frustrated in terms of the types of housing available? Have previous Salford Estate Agents let you down in the past? If so, please contact Mistoria Estate Agents as soon as possible. Planning ahead is the best way to make certain that you encounter the best properties to fit your lifestyle. There has never been a better time to begin this rewarding process![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Increasing Sales in the Salford Area, Driven by the Increasing Success of Salford University attracting Worldwide Talent and Development

Salford’s popularity as one of the most cutting edge cities of the North West continues with yet another year of growth coming to its world-class university…

Every year, Salford welcomes the brightest and most diverse range of students who have chosen its university as their number one choice to study for a number of years. 2015 is no exception, and Mistoria Estate Agents have been able to report on the positive trends that are following the thriving city’s student culture in the residential sales sector. There are increasing sales in the Salford area with many students, graduates and families seeking to join the modern urban lifestyle that can’t be found elsewhere in the UK today.

What makes Salford buyers first choice? 

Salford isn’t just home to an additional 20,000 students in 2015. It’s also attracting families, businesses and as a result major investment. This investment can be enjoyed by all, as it’s essential infrastructure such as transport links – making the city accessible to all, keeping down traffic and congestion as well as offering residential occupants great ways to get about with variety from public transport networks to private transport facilities such as modern carparks with 24/7 security and lighting or rail connections offering fast, efficient services to all over the country. Salford has also attracted a wealth of former London offices and operations such as the BBC Media City at Salford Quays and many other TV network studios showing that large companies have seen the potential in Salford in recent times. Responsible for residential sales too are the great amenities Salford offers its tenants. The Trafford Centre is one of the UKs leading shopping destinations and is located very close to Salford granting world class shopping opportunities at their doorsteps. These are just a few of the biggest attractions students, families and businesses are coming to Salford for, and it’s been driving down the average price of family home down too as any estate agency in Salford is all but too aware of the situation!

How is this affecting the average price of family home?

The average price of family home in Salford is becoming more affordable as many developers and estate agency Salford such as the leaders at Mistoria Estate Agents are realising that they can offer more affordable and attractive accommodation to all of the groups that are flocking to Salford right now. All of the development by businesses and investment in Salford University is bringing an abundance of opportunity for students to learn and enjoy the city as well as long term prosperity to families who want to live the modern urban lifestyle. Residential sales in Salford are through the roof! The population is now approximately 230,000 and continues to grow due to increasing numbers of business employees seeking a second home and often attracting their families too. Why not find out for yourself what Salford can offer you.  With so much of the population contributing to its success as a residential haven offering the amenities of a world-class city nearby, you can’t afford to miss the latest opportunities from Mistoria Estate Agents. Why not check out the latest property offerings now online and contact one of our advisors who are expertly trained and experienced in the Salford area in aid of serving you and addressing all of your questions on this unmissable city.

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Tips To Reduce Condensation in Your Student Home

Condensation in Your Student Home

When the weather begins to get colder, the tendency is to shut all windows and turn up the heat levels in the dwelling place. Rented homes and student accommodation are among the residence types that suffer from condensation and serious black mould problems. The type of allergens that get released from the mould build-up could really aggravate the symptoms being experienced by allergy and asthma sufferers.  Fatigue, nausea and headaches are also brought about by fungal colonies emissions; all the more reason why treating condensation and damp in property becomes important at the early stages before mould begins to form.

The Causes of Condensation in Your Student Home

Washing, cooking, drying clothes indoors, and even breathing contribute to water vapour generation in the student home or any other human dwelling. This is first visible when you begin to see tiny drops of water appearing on your colder surfaces like windows, ceilings and mirrors. When you leave condensation problems unattended, it affects your health and negatively impacts your education in case illness forces you to take some time off from studying.  Higher levels of property condensation are likely to be common in student accommodation because bigger numbers of students tend to live together in smaller quarters and hence contributing to increased house moisture. Just try and imagine the amount of moisture generated by 6 students living together, bathing and showering in one bathroom one after the other!

Dealing with Condensation

Shared student kitchens also come under a similar scenario. In case each of the students takes some time to prepare a separate meal every evening, the condensation levels are likely to be much higher compared to what would be seen in an average home where only one joint meal gets prepared. Among the first symptoms of a problem with property condensation is when water vapour begins to appear on your colder surfaces and on windows. This takes long periods before drying up leading to dampness. The second sign is black mould patches beginning to grow on such damp areas.  Dealing with the condensation causes automatically eliminates the mould problem. Mistoria Maintenance recommends some of the following measures in your student accommodation:

  • Closing the kitchen door as you cook and keeping the windows open. A window that is open provides the ideal escape route for water vapour being released from your student kitchen. To reduce damp in property, try keeping the lids of your cooking pots and saucepans on as you cook.
  • When bathing or taking a shower, keep the bathroom door shut so as to trap in the resultant moisture. This prevents the vapour from finding its way into the other rooms. If your bathroom has a window, keep it open.
  • After washing, hang your clothes outside instead of drying them as they hang on the radiators. In case you must dry the laundry inside the room; have all the windows open so that moisture can escape and reduce the levels of moisture within the room.

Remember that dealing with black mould due to condensation is not that easy. It is only by implementing some or all of the above tips that you can effectively manage the situation. Mistoria Maintenance crew is always available in case you need assistance with dealing with your persistent or lingering mould growth problems.

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Impact on Salford Property Market with 20,000 Students Attending Salford University in 2015

The rising popularity of Salford University is having a significant impact upon the local area. As an increasing number of students choose to attend the university, there has been an understandable increase in demand for accommodation, particularly in those areas that are closest to the main campus.  The construction of the new building at MediaCityUK, which forms part of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, has also had an impact, with many students competing with media professionals for sought after accommodation in close proximity to the media complex.

High demand for accommodation

The level of demand for flats, apartments and houses is such that student accommodation doesn’t tend to stay on the market for long. Those who are seeking accommodation in the perfect location need to keep checking the Mistoria Estate Agents website. It should also be a priority to ensure that you are readily available, as viewing property quickly will enhance your chances of securing the ideal place. Finding properties is made easier by the Google-driven maps application on the Mistoria Estate Agents website, which allows you to search in specific areas of Salford. You can identify locations of interest and then browse relevant properties.

Searching for properties close to Castle Irwell

The self-catered halls of residence at the university have limited rooms available, which explains why so many students are competing for places within private accommodation. Many students do, however, like to be located close to the halls and those who opt to live close to the Castle Irwell Student Village are able to take advantage of the free bus service, with buses being provided every 30 minutes. There is also the opportunity to make use of the extensive sports facilities, while the concentration of students in this area has led to a proliferation of local shops and takeaways.

Key factors when making a decision

Location is clearly going to be central to your requirements. Most students tend to look for houses or flats that allow easy access to the campus, shops and entertainment. This means, however, that accommodation in prime locations is always in demand. But location isn’t the only factor when it comes to making a decision: the size and state of the property will also be important and your specific requirements may well be influenced by how many of you are planning on sharing. Agreeing to share with a larger group can result in lower rental costs for all of you, while also allowing you to obtain student accommodation that really stands out from the crowd.

When viewing property, think about the practicalities associated with your requirements. How well will the property meet your needs? The Mistoria Estate Agents website enables you to examine property details in advance, allowing you to narrow down possible options. It’s always advisable to view a property in person, in order to ensure that it meets the standards that you would expect.

To find out more about how to invest into the highest yielding property sector click here.

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Student Locations for First years in Liverpool & Preston

First Years in Liverpool

Liverpool offers a great deal in terms of accommodation to the incoming waves of Freshers each academic year. Liverpool is a trendy, vibrant city with as much to do in the daytime as there is to do at night- and the city boasts a refreshingly down to earth attitude, too. With 5 universities, 50,000 students, and the afterglow from its 2008 European City of Culture status, Liverpool is newly revived and there are plenty of great places to live- even if you’re not a millionaire. In recent years, more and more students have opted for smaller flats (with just one or two bedrooms) right in the city centre so that they can be at the heart of it all. This option has proved particularly popular with international students. However, if it’s the traditional student experience you’re after, first years are well advised to check out the Smithdown Road area. Filled with inexpensive house shares, Smithdown is the classic student area. Well connected to the city centre with a bus route, there’s also an Aldi, an ASDA, The Brookhouse (a popular student club), and Friends, a legendary kebab house.

Student Accommodation Liverpool

Student Accommodation Liverpool offers a wide range of housing to suit a range of budgets and lifestyles: after all, with so many student renters in the city, it’s no surprise that there should be a lot of options. Dingle is a popular area with the student population thanks to its low rents and close proximity to town (just 15 minutes’ walk). Childwall is a favourite area among those who attend Liverpool University, Hope, or John Moores University thanks to its short distance from their campuses, but housing here can be a little more expensive- but undeniably worth the extra for the great location. Old Swan and Allerton are also extremely popular as these two areas each have their own buzz and personality: each has its own pubs and shops, while Allerton has an Odeon cinema and shared housing is especially affordable.

Student Accommodation Preston

Preston has, as you might expect, a very urban feel in the city centre, but there’s plenty of good news: living in Preston (for anyone, not just a hard-up student!) is much cheaper than living in many other parts of the UK, and the leafy suburbs and gentle rolling countryside really aren’t too far away. Student accommodation Preston mainly caters for the University of Central Lancashire, but if you prefer to be out of the city centre then you could try living in more upmarket areas such as Ulwood, Penwortham, or the Riversway Docklands. The student population have voted on Fishergate as being the top area to live in in Preston, but Ribble, Adelphi, Garstang, and the city centre also rank very highly. Preston is an easy commute to bigger cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, but the city centre also has good shopping, leisure, and nightlife options for the large student demographic.

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Record student admissions boost demand for accommodation

More than 409,000 students have been accepted onto UK Higher Education courses as A-level results are announced, a record high and a rise of 3% on the same point last year. The number of 18 year olds placed on depress articlegree courses is up 5% year-on-year, with a 2% rise in the number of 19-year-old entrants, but there are fewer acceptances from older age groups.

In some cities, the availability of quality and affordable accommodation is poor and this has led to the creation of student housing co-operatives. These offer student properties with cheap rent, no letting agent fees and no landlord. They are pitched to students as a way to escape sky high costs, and make a student house a real home, where democracy rules.

Between 2010 and 2013, rents rose 25%, according to the student housing charity Unipol. This compared with rises in the wider rental market over the same period of 13%, according to Homelet. The latest Unipol data, to be published in November, is expected to show further rises of around 7%.

It is clear that sky high rents are putting pressure on students’ pockets and demand is booming in university cities for affordable accommodation. According the Mistoria Group, there has never been a better time to invest in quality student property.

Mish Liyanage, Managing Director of The Mistoria Group comments: “The cost of student accommodation is a major consideration for most students, but the quality and location are important factors too. We know from our research that students want quality white goods, superfast broadband, security, large plasmas etc. The most common downfall of student digs was cited as poor quality build of the property and furniture followed by poor internet connection. Investors can buy a four-bed HMO in a good location for students and professionals, fully refurbished and furnished and tenanted for the coming year, for less than £150,000 in the North West based on 2015 prices. Typical rents are significantly higher for student properties, than a comparable buy-to-let property in the same city. The North West provide excellent returns and are clearly outperforming BTL investments. We have experienced a sharp increase in demand from investors looking to acquire HMOs for students this year. Investing in student HMO accommodation offers a long-term investment option, as the property is highly likely to be in constant demand throughout the calendar year.”


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Where Should You Live as a First Year in Manchester?


Student Accommodation Manchester


Manchester is a city with an amazing musical heritage; think The Smiths, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, and New Order- add to that The National Football Museum and The Comedy Store and you’ll see why it’s a great place to study with a lot of northern soul. Traditionally, Southern parts of Manchester – including the traditional university areas, Fallowfield and Salford – have been the most popular with students, due to their proximity to the University campus, as well as their good transport links. There are always lots of properties available here, mainly houses that have been split into shared accommodation. However, in recent years, more students have flocked to the city centre. This has proved a popular choice for a number of reasons: for a start, students living in the centre of town are well placed to stumble into their lectures first thing in the morning, and also have all of the perks of a large city on their doorstep: think cafes, clubs, coffee shops, museums, pubs, shopping centres, and great transport, as well as that buzzy, urban feel that you only get in Britain’s biggest cities.


Where Do First Years Live?


Student accommodation Manchester tends to be concentrated in a few areas, although it would be true to say that there are student houses throughout the city. The Manchester Evening News reported in 2013 that almost half of Manchester’s student houses were concentrated in four of the city’s neighbourhoods: the city centre, Salford, Withington, Ardwick and Hulme, with an impressive 20% of all homes in the centre and Withington registered as student dwellings. Increasingly, perhaps because of the rise in international student numbers, first years are turning their backs on traditional digs and shared houses, opting to rent one or two bedroom flats in the city centre, thus giving them access to a more independent style of living, as well as all of the amenities that the city centre has to offer.


Student Accommodation Salford


Back in 2007, Salford was declared one of the top 5 places in the UK to live “an affluent lifestyle” on a small budget, and things have improved further since then. In 2011, the BBC opened its massive Media City UK complex in Salford Quays, bringing further growth to the area (as well as the chance for residents to spot a few celebrities as they come for TV or radio interviews). Student accommodation Salford also offers good value for money, with a recent survey showing that a massive 78% of student residents would recommend the Seaford Road area . Mistoria Lettings focus around this area as well as surrounding areas with a host of student accommodation and shared housing. While getting into Manchester is never a problem – the area has great bus links – it’s also popular with the student demographic thanks to its variety of things to do. Indeed, Salford also has its own shopping centre (Salford Shopping City) as well as local shops, pubs, bars, and more – it’s possible to enjoy a rewarding student life here without feeling that you’re living on top of the university itself. Here at Mistoria we believe the Salford area is an affordable location for students to live during their years at University and all of our properties are finished to a high standard making your overall living experience comfortable and enjoyable.