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Why is the all inclusive option is best in a student house?

With water, gas and electric bills increasing year on year, Mistoria Estate Agents tenants prefer our “All Inclusive Rent” programme in their student house.

You may be more accustomed to hearing the phrase ‘all inclusive’ when it comes holidays.  The price you pay will include your flight, hotel, food, drink and activities.  Our student house all inclusive rents work along the same principles, but instead of two weeks by the beach your monthly rental payment will include your accommodation, utility bills, broadband, rental of white goods such as your washing machine and dishwasher, fixtures and fittings and some electrical goods like a plasma TV.

The all inclusive rent option is ideal for a student house.  It’s a straight forward and less complicated way of paying.  For most of our student tenants this is their first time away from home and the hassle and responsibility of paying and keeping up with bills can be somewhat overwhelming.  It also prevents any unnecessary falling out with fellow house mates when it comes to dividing the bills.

At Mistoria Estate Agents we believe our all inclusive rents are transparent and give you the peace of mind that there will be no hidden costs.

All inclusive rents are also appealing to landlords as they have the reassurance that there will be no outstanding bills at the end of a tenancy. It also helps retain good tenants, many are unlikely to move to a different property where they have to organise their own bill payments and keep track of how much they owe each month.

David Cox, senior policy officer at the National Landlords Association says,

“All-inclusive rents can be very appealing to tenants, so landlords who offer these can have the edge over those who don’t. Students prefer all-inclusive rents as these reduce the number of things to worry about when they move in to their first rental property.”

Please take a look at our property selection available to rent and if you would like more information, please call 0161 707 6106.

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Moving out of your student accommodation


The academic year is about to end for most students.  After finishing your last exam, assignment and the following celebrations, it’s time to either move back home after your final year or to a new student accommodation.

We can only imagine how much stuff you’ve gathered in the last year and how stressful it can be to move all those boxes (full of clothes, books, kitchen utensils etc) and furniture from one accommodation to other.  If you’re struggling with this and wondering how on Earth you’re going to move it all, we have a solution!  For an affordable price our sister company Mistoria Spotless can do it for you.  Experts in all types of removals, our team make will sure all your belongings are treated with extreme care and transported safely to your new address.  In addition, the team can disassemble and re-assemble furniture in the new property if required.  Moving to a new student accommodation can be an opportunity to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.  The Spotless team can also help you to responsibly get rid of any unwanted items.

All you’ll need to do is empty your cupbaords and pack the boxes.  However, packing can be a time consuming process.  We recommend you don’t leave it until the day before moving, as it generally takes longer that expected.  When planning your packing, it is important to consider that each object is a different size and shape.  It’s a good idea to collect boxes of different sizes to ensure everything can be packed securely.  It may sound obvious, but try to place items together according to their characteristics.  For example it’s recommended to place all your hazardous objects such as sprays, paint cans or chemical products together into a separate box to your electrical goods.

When it comes to packing fragile items, wrap them with bubblewrap and/or newspaper to avoid any damage.  Pack heavy items in small boxes to help with transportation.  Don’t overfill any of your boxes.

Think ahead and have a smallbag with your day-to-day essentials in ready for the night before and day after your move. You may be unable to unpack everything straight after moving, and it can be really frustrating to open boxes looking for your toothbrush.

For more information about the services of Mistoria Spotless, please email or call 0800 500 3015 / 07753 443426.

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84% happy with the standard of accommodation for students

standard of accommodation for students

The Student Experience Report 2013 released by the National Union of Students (NUS) shows that 84% are happy with the standard of accommodation for students throughout their university life. This level of satisfaction does not seem to be affected by the year of study, which means that students tend to adapt easily to the changes of accommodation that are likely to happen during these years. It’s fair to say that the quality of accommodation for students has improved in the last decade and as a direct consequence has led to higher satisfaction amongst students.

According to this report, first year students tend to choose student halls whilst second and third year students are likely to source privately let accommodation.  Often, these students will choose to live with the people they got along best with during their time in halls or friends met on their course. Mistoria Estate Agents offer a wide variety of standards of accommodation for students, many of them with a large number of bedrooms, perfect for those groups of friends looking for accommodation to share. It was also reported that it’s not all about having fun. The vast majority of students expect to have a “student zone” in their room, equipped with a desk, chair and internet connection. At Mistoria all our student accommodation come with these features as standard in each and every bedroom.

The report also details the main reason for disagreements and fallouts between student housemates.  Unsurprisingly, that is utility bill payments. At Mistoria, the weekly and monthly rent costs for all our accommodation for students includes electricity, gas, water and WiFi broadband so these issues are easily avoided.

Despite the importance and responsibility of finding the right place to live, it was also reported that majority of students enjoy the process of looking for accommodation. They are excited to see the different standard of accommodation for students available and actively look for help and advice from letting agents. The Mistoria Estate Agents team will happily show students around a number of properties they feel will suit that particular group and help guide them into making the best decision for their individual needs and preferences.

Whether you are a ready-made group of friends looking for your next student accommodation, or are an individual looking for a room in a student house share, we can help.  Call our team today on 0800 500 3015 or fill out a tenancy application form and see if we can’t find the right student house for you.

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Landlords: why choose Mistoria to manage your student lettings?

student lettings

With so many agencies available to manage your student lettings, why should you choose Mistoria?  What is The Mistoria Difference?

Let us tell you….

We manage properties across the North West, with a particular focus on the big university cities of Liverpool, Preston and Salford.  This is no coincidence.  The North West has the largest student population in the EU (over 200,000 throughout the region), and with it a huge demand for top quality student lettings.

Luckily, this is something we know a thing or two about at Mistoria.  We hand-pick investment properties for our clients for good rental return and refurbish them to high, award-winning standards.  This combination allows us to obtain a 98% occupancy rate.  Not bad eh?

But where do you come in as a private landlord we hear you cry?

As landlords ourselves, we understand your needs and concerns.  You want top quality, long-term tenants who are going to look after your property; an agency that is going to take the hassle away from you whilst maintaining your investment to the highest standard and; the best rental yield possible.

At Mistoria we only accommodate professionals, students and working families and work hard to carefully select tenants who are fully aware of their side of the bargain.  We agree strict terms within our tenant contracts and expect them to respect the property and its contents.  We follow the correct proceedures with regards to the taking, storing and returning of deposits and demand Direct Debits are set up to ensure regular payment.

As much a committment to our tenants as it is to our landlords, we have a clear maintenance process.  Tenants are asked to tell us immediately of any problems, but at the same time are expected to use common sense and to do their best to keep the property in good working order.  Similarly, we will carry out regular inspections and notify our landlords of recommended up-keep and repair work.  Emegency repairs will be carried out straight away, with landlord approval gained for work over £150.  Find out more about our landlord maintenance services and 24 hour emerancy response contracts.

If you are interested in finding out more about a property management contract with Mistoria Estate Agents please call us on 0800 500 3015 or email with any questions. We work with dozens of private landlords across the country to maintain and tenant their student lettings, we’d love to work with you too.