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Moving out of your student housing: a handy check list

Moving out of your student housing check list

It’s coming up to that time of year again; packing up your room and moving out of your student housing.  Whether it’s for the last time and you’re graduating this summer, or you are  moving to a new house for next year, the same rules apply.

Before saying a final farewell to this year’s student pad there are other things to consider than just filling those boxes and suitcases.  Even if you’ve managed to avoid it for most of the year (and we really hope you haven’t!), cleaning can’t be escaped at the end of your tenancy!  If you’ve been keeping on top of things then the following list should be as easy as cooking a pot noodle:

– Clean from top to bottom.  Where possible, the house should look just as it did when you moved in.  We don’t mind a bit of wear and tear, but every effort should be made to leave the house as you found it.  And if there are any problems or obvious damage, they should be reported to us as soon as possible.

– When cleaning the house, don’t forget the fridge – it’s not the landlord or agent’s job to throw away your old food.

– If there are items you don’t want to take with you, please dispose of them responsibly or arrange to remove unwanted items professionally with Mistoria Spotless.  Again, it’s not the landlord or agent’s responsibility to get rid of your rubbish.

– Before they leave, have each housemate take a picture as proof that you all left the property in good condition.  Should any discrepancies arise over the state of your student housing, these will be useful in ensuring your deposit is paid back in full.

– Your landlord or agent should contact you about your deposit.  If they don’t – remind them!

– Redirect mail to your new address.

– Organise a removal service by Mistoria Spotless to your new address.  Prices are very reasonable and will save a lot of trips back and forth.  If you’re moving together with other housemate, why not split the cost between you?

Return ALL keys from your student housing back to the landlord or agent (make sure you sign something to say you have handed them back).

We know you’re probably up to your neck in essay/dissertation deadlines and exam revision but these tips will help you when the time comes to move out of your student housing.  Why not download and print off this handy check list and pin up in the kitchen so you and your housemates are prepared when the time comes?

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Student accommodation security over Easter

student accommodation security photo

Home security is something we should always be aware of but particularly when leaving a property empty for weeks at a time, such as the upcoming Easter holidays.  Student accommodation security is of particular interest as they are often more vulnerable than most with the lure of numerous laptops, tablets, phones and other expensive items in one property.  So without meaning to scaremonger, we wanted to share our top tips for keeping your student accommodation secure, safe and in good condition over the Easter break…

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked, not just shut.  This includes the internal doors of your individual bedrooms.  Sounds simple, but we’ll bet you don’t lock them everytime you go out…  If you think any of the locks may need changing, let us know now.  You’ll need to lock everything before you leave to prevent break-ins, so if there’s any doubt, let’s get it fixed.
  • Set up lamps on timers to make it look as though there’s someone home and time them to come on periodically during the evenings.
  • Close your blinds and curtains, particularly in the ground floor rooms.  It’s more plausible that someone is in with the blinds shut than it is for them to be open 24/7.
  • You could let us know if your Mistoria property is going to be completely empty for a week or more.  We can then check on the property in the event of bad weather and keep an eye on things.  Or if you know anyone else on your street who will also be around, ask if they can let you know if anything seems wrong, or even give them our number for emergencies such as a burst pipe or collapsed roof!
  • Clean.  You will kick yourself if you come back to a dirty house, which has been festering for weeks.  Take out the bins, empty the fridge (no-one wants find mouldy month-old pasta!) hoover and check under the bed for any old food or stinky socks!

If you’re still searching for your student accommodation for the next academic year, check out our available student housing now, and be sure to download our student housing guide.  It’s full of tips for finding the perfect student house, as well as handy hints on how to save money, what you should expect from your landlord, and check-lists for moving in and out of student accommodation.  Feel free to contact us with any queries on 0800 500 3015 or using our contact form.


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