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Condensation in your student house: why it is a problem and how to avoid it

We all get condensation in our homes from time to time and it usually isn’t a problem.  However, if you are experiencing lots of condensation in your student house (water droplets on the inside of your windows and on cold external walls) we need to know about it!

condensation     Condensation in your student house

If untreated, over time high levels of condensation cause mould and damp.  Damp is bad news for the internal health of the property.

We need to work together to avoid damp and mould settling in your student house.  Key to doing this is reducing the amount of condensation you produce.  Our handy Condensation document has some simple tips and tricks that we are asking all our tenants to follow.  Have a look through and share the information with your housemates.

We’ll circulate the document in an email and also provide you with a physical copy to pin up in your communal areas so there’s no excuse for not knowing your responsibilities when it comes to preventing condensation.

Treating mould and damp can be an expensive business – we don’t want to incur the costs and we’re sure you don’t either.

Download our Condensation document now for all the do’s and don’t in your student house!

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PRESS RELEASE – Record number of student accommodation enquiries for 2014/15

Mistoria Estate Agents, part of the Manchester based property investment company, the Mistoria Group, has received a record number of enquiries for student accommodation ahead of the 2014/15 academic year.  Despite the new term having only just commenced, the lettings firm has reported a surge in ‘early bird’ enquiries from those wishing to position themselves favourably, in securing the best houses in the most convenient location. 

In line with this, Mistoria Estate Agents are encouraging first time students to read their very own accommodation guide.  The 9 page document entitled Guide to your First Student House, was originally launched in August to enable clarity in a potentially complicated field.  Housing for first time students involves an element of responsibility, which for many can seem a daunting experience.

The updated report, offers information with regards to the requirements students should be seeking from their accommodation, such as a good location, space and value for money.  In addition, there is lucidity on more complex matters such as landlord obligations, deposits and holding fees.  A check list for both moving in and out is also provided, with further information on minimising rising energy costs.

“We are surprised by the level of interest we are currently receiving with regards to the next academic year.” said director of Mistoria Estate Agents, Mike Howard.  “Today’s student is more exacting when it comes to quality accommodation and we are well known within the student community for high standards.  In addition, we are delighted to provide first time students with our guidance report, which hopefully, will provide transparency on regulations and break down the ‘jargon’ that can cause the process to become unnecessarily worrisome.  Given the recent announcement regarding tenant fees, we’ve updated this guide to make us, our services and our pricing as clear as possible.  Trust between tenants and landlords is essential and hopefully the new scheme will reduce the issue of inconsistent pricing in the rental property sector.”

You can read about this here:

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Student accommodation enquiries for 2014/15 have begun!