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Houses to rent in Salford

We are delighted to announce that we have a great selection of high quality houses to rent in Salford, close to Media City and Hope Hospital.

For the full range of houses to rent in Salford that are available please use our on-line search tools or contact us directly via phone or email so we can find out exactly what you are looking for. We will then match up a variety of properties to suit your requirements and arrange viewings for you.

Why choose us to look for houses in Salford?

We pride ourselves in being the best by ensuring only the highest quality properties are available for Student, Professional, Residential and Commercial tenants. We have an extensive range of home from home properties and excellent rates.

As our tenant you will receive:

  • All Inclusive Bills (No surprises)
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • Excellent Value Rents
  • Highest Quality Accommodation
  • 24/7 Maintenance Teams
  • First-rate Customer Service

We know how important it is for you to find the right place to live, and will do all we can to help you find a home that goes beyond your expectations. It can be difficult sifting through adverts in newspapers and often by the time you see the advert, the property has been rented to someone else. So we work differently, with an up-to the minute on-line system and team in the office that will help you find the perfect home.

Once you move in, you can have complete confidence that our professional lettings team will be at hand to ensure you enjoy your tenancy.

If you want to be a Mistoria resident, please feel free to browse for your future rented “home” using our search function.

If for any reason you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 500 3015 or email

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Regulation of Letting Agents

Landlords and tenants are to be better protected by rogue letting agents under new government legislation.

A recent amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill has introduced the regulation of letting agents. Until now letting agents have not been legally required to be a member of an ombudsman scheme, despite the huge sums of money the industry handles each year.

It’s thought prior to this new legislation up to 40 per cent of letting agents did not sign-up to self regulation.

This made the situation difficult when things went wrong.  Tenants and landlords now have the chance to get money they are owed back from rogue agents without resorting to the courts.

Mistoria Estate Agents welcomes tighter regulation, we believe until now many agents have been able to operate with impunity as consumers have had no way of addressing the actions of unscrupulous or negligent agents.

Lady Hayter, the Labour peer who has led the campaign for lettings regulation comments,

“While this is definitely a step in the right direction, I think it’s a shame that the government stopped short of introducing full regulation of the lettings industry.”

Ian Potter, managing director of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents says,

“The government’s amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill marks a positive move for the private rented sector and in particular, for consumers, who only stand to benefit from a formal system of redress. However it is vital that the Government begins the process of consultation quickly, taking on board the views of the sector and moves to introduce secondary legislation as soon as possible.”

It’s hoped this new legislation will come into effect by the autumn, following a consultation with both industry and consumer groups.

If you have a property you would like us to manage for you, please get in touch. Call us on 0161 707 6106. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The rise of the International student

According to a report by Knight Frank in 2012, “student property has performed exceptionally well as an asset class compared to traditional investments over the last year.”  With global student mobility increasing and interest in the UK’s educational quality rising, further growth in the student rental sector seems inevitable.  Figures show that – despite tuition fees – by 2025, the number of students attending university outside of their own country will have doubled, with overseas students currently accounting for a sixth of the UK’s student population.

In general, international students are most likely to select purpose-built accommodation in the UK, for a number of reasons, such as security, location and facilities, and specialist providers of accommodation are in a good position to assist in supporting the requirements of this sector. At Mistoria Estate Agents, we pride ourselves on providing high quality student accommodation across the North West and our tenant testimonials demonstrate our passion to deliver and become the agent of choice for students seeking an exceptional standard of accommodation. 

Damitha Navarathna is one such student whom Mistoria Estate Agents has helped in securing good quality, safe accommodation in the UK for the duration of his studies.  Originating from Sri Lanka, Damitha is studying a BEng (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering:

“The universities in the United Kingdom have always shown exceptional performance in the field of education.  From hundreds of universities, the university of Salford stood out as one with a brilliant and leading aeronautical programme.  So, before moving, I had to find accommodation.  One of my friends recommended Mistoria Estate Agents to me.

Based on the information on the Mistoria Estate Agents website ( and the trust I had in my friend, I decided to move into one of their properties.  The property I moved into was one of the best designed houses I have seen in the UK and it was completely refurbished.  The build quality was excellent.  Even the neighbourhood was student friendly and it is only a 20 minute walk to the university.  

With the installed alarm system, my house mates and I find this place extremely safe and comfortable to live in.  Out of the people I have met so far in the UK, the team at Mistoria Estate Agents were one of the friendliest and most helpful I can ever imagine.  If a problem arises, be it technical, economical or even social, the solution is one phone call away!  

I will recommend Mistoria Estate Agents to any friend of mine, either from Sri Lanka or any other country, without the slightest hesitation.”

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International Students set to fill UK’s Student Housing

Student HousingAny uncertainty over whether landlords of student housing would struggle to let their properties after a sharp increase in the price of Uni tuition is over, following a rise in university applications, driven by foreign students.

The number of foreign students coming to the UK is fast increasing, and over the next 10 years it is predicated to rise further. University recruiters are working hard to attract an international mix who are not put off by our high tuition costs. After all international students studying in British universities have been paying fees since the 1980s.

Many student housing landlords did have major concerns after the number of University applications seriously fell when the Government increased tuition fees to more than £9000 a year. The owners of student housing felt uncertain about whether they would continue to fill their properties year on year. However, University applications have started to rise, with a large proportion of those being from overseas students wishing to live and study here in the UK. Almost 559,000 students made applications to British universities by the official mid-January deadline, up by 3.5 per cent on the same point last year. Statistics show that numbers were being partly driven by a sharp rise in demand from foreign students, with applications soaring by almost 10 per cent.

China and Hong Kong continues to send the largest numbers of students to British universities and numbers were up by a quarter among those from Malaysia this year.

Owning and renting out your property to students both British and international is a salient way to earn steady inflation-matching investment returns. If you have a property you would like Mistoria Estate Agents to manage, we offer a tailored property management solution guaranteed to satisfy all your property requirements. We help you realise your property investment returns from day one.

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Property Reporter – Mistoria Estate Agents launch ‘Landlord and Agent Guidance Report’

Mistoria Estate Agents have launched a report guiding tenants on the level of service they should expect from landlords and managing agents.  Named ‘How much do you know about your landlord, your managing agent and the property you are renting?’, the report is designed to provide tenants with a checklist of landlord and managing agent responsibilities with regards to the tenancy and the property itself.

The report highlights some of the issues that tenants should be aware of, such as ensuring they are in receipt of a signed tenancy agreement, understanding the location of their deposit protection certificate, the expected speed and efficiency of response with regards to maintenance requirements and most importantly, the validation of legitimate gas safety and electric safety certificates.

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Why use a property lettings agent?

Do you have a property that you need/want to rent out?

First of all ask yourself how much do you know about property lettings?

It is possible to let your property privately without the use of a property lettings agent, but using one like us has quite a few advantages. We will market your property for you and organise viewings, get references from your tenants and draw up a tenancy agreement for you. We will also manage the property and take care of any maintenance issues, dealing directly with the tenant on your behalf.

A very important task we handle is rent collection. According to The Tenant Arrears Tracker, published by LSL Property Services the number of tenants who are more than two months behind of their rent has risen dramatically in the first quarter of 2013 from 4,000 to 94, this represents an increase of nearly 5 per cent. We take the worry and stress out of this part of letting.

Did you know that your tenant’s deposit must be kept in a government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. It is held there until the end of the tenancy when it should be returned, assuming the tenant has kept your property in good order. The idea is to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords who withold it unreasonably.


  • Advertise the house for rent
  • Show potential tenants round your property
  • Screen potential tenants
  • Collect rent and security deposits
  • Negotiate rental agreements and sign leases
  • Conduct periodic property inspections
  • Handle repair and maintance issues
  • File evictions, if necessary

Many people don’t want to handle all these extra responsibilities or simply don’t have the time. At Mistoria Estate Agents, your property lettings agent we will ensure that your property and tenants are well looked after.

For more information please see our LANDLORDS page.

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Landlord Responsibilities, should you manage your own investment property?

One of the most important things to ask yourself when you buy investment property is, do you know your landlord responsibilities?

The majority of landlords in the UK choose to have their properties professionally managed by a letting agent (or have done in the past) who will enusre your legal landlord responsibilities are met. However, both options needed to be carefully considered when you purchase a buy to let property.

Do you know your landlord responsibilities?

A DIY approach to property management can be appealing to some landlords, who may see it as an easy way to save money. The reality of managing an investment property, however, involves a time commitment that can dramatically outweigh any monetary savings.

Screening tenants, conducting regular inspections and inventories, ensuring rent is paid on time and being on call to address maintenance issues 24/7 are all landlord responsibilities and huge demands for an unsuspecting investor. Those who struggle to keep up with these tasks may find themselves in trouble; if a tenant is causing damage to a property and regular inspections aren’t carried out, the landlord could be faced with mounting repair bills. The same can be said from the other perspective; if maintenance issues aren’t dealt with promptly and a tenant injures themselves as a result, the landlord could find themselves faced with an expensive legal liability claim.

We can take the stress and time constraints away from owning an investment property and ensure landlord responsibilities, like those listed above, are carried out.

We are able to conduct regular inspections, identify maintenance issues, ensure tenants are looking after a property and, if needed, liaise with contractors to address any problems. Agents also have processes in place to find and screen prospective tenants and can ensure the correct paperwork is in place, rent is collected and arrears monitored.

If a dispute arises with a tenant, professional agents are well aware of relevant legislation and landlord responsibilities and are best placed to follow the correct procedures to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If a tenant falls behind in their rent, for example, a letting agent will ensure the proper notices are issued to the tenant within the required time frames.

The benefits of using an agent to manage investment properties and landlord responsibilities are considerable. If you need a professional lettings company to look after your investment please get in touch with Mistoria Lettings who will be happy to talk you through your options.